Sofitel Metropole, Hanoi, Vietnam

巴黎? 非也,這裡是位於越南首都河內的索菲特大酒店。這座法國味道濃郁的酒店建於1901年,由當年的法國殖民者建造。在這裡,你可以感受到一百多年前的殖民地風情,感覺就像穿越了時空到達了巴黎一樣。

Paris? Nah, this is Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel, located in the Vietnamese capital city Hanoi. This French architect was built in 1901 during the French colonial era; here you may travel in time to indulge yourself in the amazing colonial atmosphere, it literately felt like Paris from the 18th century.


 如何前往 Getting there

經河內内排國際機場 Via Hanoi Noibai International Airport:


Noibai Airport is a one of the major mordern international aviation gateway of Vietnam, providing connection to a number of major cities across Asia and Europe, including 26 weekly flights to and from Hong Kong.

港澳台中航線 Airlines & Destinations (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & China):

Air Macau – Macau
Cathay DragonHong Kong
China Airlines – Taipei-Taoyuan
China Eastern Airlines – Kunming, Nanning
China Southern Airlines – Guangzhou
EVA Air – Taipei
Hainan Airlines – Haikou
Hong Kong AirlinesHong Kong
Jetstar Pacific Airlines – Guanzhou, Hong Kong
Mandarin Airlines – Taichung
Vietjet Air – Taipei-Taoyuan
Vietnam Airlines – Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing-Captial, Kaohsiung, Shanghai-Pudong, Taipei-Taoyuan

經越南統一鐵路 Via Reunification Express (Train):




The North-South Railway of Vietnam (also known as the “Reunification Express”) is a railway built in 1930 that penetrates the entire country from North to south, at a total length of 1726km. China and Vietnam currently operates a 1x daily internaitonal service between the Guangxi City of Nanning and Hanoi.

For more information regarding train services, visit


 簽證須知 Visa Requirements

1 – 簽證辦理手續

  • 所有外國人不論國籍(除東盟成員國、英國、芬蘭、西班牙、法國、意大利、日本、南韓、法國、挪威、俄羅斯、德國及瑞典國民外) 必須持有有效簽證方可登機/登船。
  • 簽證可以親身遞交或透過第三方代交,請準備以下項目以供申請之用:
    • 護照正本 (有效期最少為簽證過期日後的一個月)
    • 一張證件相 (4×6厘米,6個月內拍照)
    • 填妥好的簽證申請表 (請按此下載)
  • 一般情況下,簽證會於3個工作天內批出 (不包括申請日)

2 – 簽證種類

  • 一月一行 - 入境當天計可逗留越南30天,簽證只可以入境一次。
  • 一月多行 - 入境當天計可以一個月內無限出入越南,最遲於第一次入境日後30天內需要離境。
  • 三月多行 - 入境當天計可以三個月內無限出入越南,最遲於第一次入境日後30天內需要離境。




1 – Visa Procedures

  • Foreigners, with the exception of the citizens of ASEAN, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Japan and Sweden, have to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam, and follow the same visa application procedures, Visa should be obtained BEFORE boarding a plane/ship from your place of origin.
  • Visa applications can be submitted to our Office directly or by a third party. Dossier for each applicant comprises:
    • Original passport (remains valid at least one month from the expiry date of the visa).
    • 1 photo (4x6cm, taken not more than 6-months ago, regardless of background color)
    • 1 visa application form with full details, signed by applicant
  • For normal service, it takes 3 working days for processing, excluding date of application.

2- Type of Visa

  • One month, single entry: Visa holder can enter Vietnam only one time and stay in Vietnam up to 30 days from the arrival date indicated in the visa.
  • One month, multiple entries: Visa holder can enter Vietnam many times within one month and stay in Vietnam up to 30 days from the arrival date indicated in the visa.
  • Three month, multiple entries: Visa holder can enter Vietnam many times within three months and stay in Vietnam up to 90 days from the arrival date indicated in the visa.

Note: All visa holders can enter Vietnam on or after the arrival date indicated in the visa and must depart Vietnam on or before the expiry date of the visa.

Notices to Visa Waiver Citizens: You’re only eligible to enter the Vietnam visa-free once every 30days.

WARNING: Visa Online is NOT a service provided by the Vietnamese Government. In addition, your personal data can be publicly leaked out. The Consulate General of Vietnam bears no responsibility for that.


Vietnam Diplomatic Missions 越南駐外代表處:

Consulate General of Vietnam in Hong Kong & Macau SAR

15/F, Great Smart Tower, 230 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2591-4510; 2591-4517; 2835-9358; 2835-9398

Tel: +886 02-2516-6626

Tel: +86 020 8330 5911

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