Sofitel Metropole, Hanoi, Vietnam

巴黎? 非也,這裡是位於越南首都河內的索菲特大酒店。這座法國味道濃郁的酒店建於1901年,由當年的法國殖民者建造。在這裡,你可以感受到一百多年前的殖民地風情,感覺就像穿越了時空到達了巴黎一樣。 Paris? Nah, this is Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel, located in the Vietnamese capital city Hanoi. This French architect was built in 1901 during the French colonial era; here you may travel in time to indulge yourself in the amazing colonial atmosphere, it literately felt like Paris from the 18th century.    如何前往 Getting […]