Sri Lanka South 南斯里蘭卡全攻略 – Day 1

斯里蘭卡係一個近年新興嘅旅遊點,隨著機票價錢越來越平,對呢個地方有興趣嘅朋友都越來越多。但斯里蘭卡係一個相當大嘅國家,一般香港人嘅請假模式,比較難一次過玩晒成個國家。所以小編今次就為大家安排一個5日4夜嘅斯里蘭卡南部旅程,根據我嘅經驗,等大家玩盡每一個景點。 Popularity of Sri Lanka is on the raise in recent years, due to calmer political atmosphere and cheaper air fares. However this is a vest country with poor infrastructures, covering the entire nation in one go might be too time consuming for most travellers based in Hong Kong. Hence I’ve put together this 5days4nights […]